Sample “away” Messages for Clergy

Many pastors ask for ways to incorporate a “Sabbath culture” in their churches. One example is to teach Sabbath living through church communications such as email and websites. Below are some sample voice or email messages for when you are taking your Sabbath:

Sample “away” messages for clergy: 

Thank you for contacting me. Please know that I look forward to being in touch with you.  I am away from the church office, as Monday is my Sabbath. If your matter is of an urgent nature, please contact our Church secretary, Doris Day, at 222-333-4444.”

“This is Pastor Bob, and I am sorry to miss your call. I will be on Sabbath today and will respond to all voicemail tomorrow morning. If this is a matter that needs immediate attention, please contact lay leader George at 222-333-5555. Thank you for calling.”

By Bill Hughes

Bill is the Program Manager for the Sabbath Living Initiative.