Sabbath Sermons

Dr. Sleeth’s 24/6 sermon:

Courtesy of Southland Christian Church.

Also watch Dr. Sleeth’s Northland sermon.

For more sermons by Dr. Sleeth go here.

Dr. A.J. Swoboda’s Sabbath sermon at Houghton College.

During the Asbury Sabbath Experience of Spring 2015, there were weekly Wednesday Sabbath sermons during the Chapel service. Watch them here:

Dr. Steven Seamands- Rest for your Souls

Dr. Christine Pohl- More than Enough

Rev. Jessica LaGrone- Sabbath Rhythm

Dr. Ellsworth Kalas- The Other Six Days


Reverend Ryan Bennett of Bethlehem UMC provided this four-part series of Sabbath rest-based sermons:

Margins 1- God’s Permission to STOP
Margins 2- Relationships Require Margin
Margins 3- Our Relationship with God Requires Margin
Margins 4- Creating Margin for a Full Life

Reverend Jonathan Brake of Centenary UMC provided this four-part series entitled “A Holy Waste of Time.”

A Holy Waste of Time 4-part series Sermon Outlines

Mel Williams provided this sermon to Duke’s Faith and Leadership:

Let it Go…And Rest

Redeemer Community Church in Needham, Massachusetts shared their “Stress Relief” sermon series:

Work Won’t Kill You
The Brake That Remakes
Don’t Rest Until Your Work is Done
Escaping Legalism to Find Joy
Stopping to Make God’s Creation Whole
Keeping Sabbath By Keeping Focus
Generous Gifts, Generous Giving
Stop To Demonstrate the Kingdom
Stop to Remember & Anticipate

Mark Wilson of Hayward Wesleyan Church shares “Enter His Sabbath Rest”:

Enter His Sabbath Rest (Audio File)

Cliff Wall of Puett UMC shared “Sabbath: The Blessing of 24/6 in 2015”:


Sermon Psalm 46 – 3.24.2015 Liederbach “Be Still.” 


Sean Cordell of Treasuring Christ Church – “Rest in Your Shepherd’s Care”