Sabbath Rest in a Shaker Village


Blessed Earth’s friends Jeff and Melissa Rogers recently led a group of nineteen couples from two different churches on a weekend Sabbath retreat. The setting of the retreat was the picturesque Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg, KY. The community was founded by a group of Shakers in 1805, and features original buildings and extensive walking trails.


dsc07149While on retreat, the couples studied Matthew Sleeth’s book 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life, as well as the accompanying DVD series. The Rogers led discussions about the dangers of our modern 24/7 lifestyle and the biblical gift of Sabbath rest. Participants were encouraged to make a plan for implementing 24/6 rhythms into their lives. The couples discussed perceived roadblocks and encouraged each other with creative ideas and solutions.


dsc07168Jeff described the weekend as “a blessed time of God-centered rest, prayer, and healing.” He and Melissa made a great effort to structure the retreat so that participants could get a taste of the 24/6 Sabbath rhythm.




Lynne, a lay leader at her church, shared how the retreat has already blessed her family and her marriage:

Keith and I are so grateful for the Sabbath Retreat and the shifts we’ve already experienced. We had our first family Sabbath on Sunday and it went better than I had hoped! Our family meal after church was filled with laughter and great connecting time as each of us shared what God was speaking to us or doing in our heart. I have personally been able to spend less time on my cell phone/Facebook and have been successful in not checking my phone first thing each morning. What a win! And we are putting together a calendar so that everyone is aware of the things we have going on so we can be intentional/mindful of our activities and plan accordingly. All this in a week? What else does the Lord have for us?!


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*The photos in this post were provided by Jeff Rogers