Sabbath Questions with Dr. Marilyn Elliott

Marilyn Elliot is the Vice President of Community Formation at Asbury Theological Seminary.  As part of their twelve-week Sabbath Experience, Marilyn hosted potluck suppers at her home on Saturday evenings.  Below are Dr. Elliot’s reflections on this experience.

To keep Sabbath requires a significant, thoughtful restructuring of our ‘life-way’ – our life style and habit of being. It requires a complete rethinking of how we do life. The very way we construct every single day has to become renewed.

There is something deeper, subterranean even, that Sabbath practices push toward the surface: How will we think about life? How will we think about power? What does it mean to trust? What does our very life mean? What is wellness? What is mental health? What is nourishment? What does our career mean? The creation of space is only the first baby step to a deep soul transition into some kind of being that is completely other than what we have come to accept in our high-functioning, success-oriented world.

In spite of the fact that the evening meals brought something like time stress into my Saturdays and the group was big and often loud and messy, there was something good that seeped into our lives. Something began to stir inside me like an invitation to sing a song; I don’t know the song yet, but I am humming.