Recommended Videos

Blessed Earth Videos

Sabbath as a Student from Emma Sleeth Davis


The Marra Family’s Sabbath Journey


Sabbath for Young Couples from Zach and Emma Davis


The Barker Family’s Sabbath Story

Gallaher’s Sabbath Journey


Other Recommended Videos

“Why Should I Observe the Sabbath?”- Andy Crouch


“Sabbath in a Technological World” – Andy Crouch

Walter Brueggemann on Sabbath, Part 1


Walter Brueggemann on Sabbath, Part 2


Walter Brueggemann on Sabbath, Part 3

Sabbath Interview with Pete Scazzero


The Blessing of the Fourth Commandment


“Sabbath: The Blessing of 24/6 in 2015” from Puett UMC


“Be Still” a sermon by Dr. Mark Liederbach of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary





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