Praise for 24/6 Retreats and Workshops


“I recently attended the Spring Clergy Retreat you some at for the Memphis Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Let me start by saying thank you!!  The wisdom God has given you that you bless those around you with has changed me in a way few other experiences in life has.  This knowledge has quite possibly saved my life and my marriage.  For your faithfulness I am thankful and give God praise.”
Tricia (May 2017)

“I want to thank everyone at Blessed Earth for everything you do.  The weekend retreat was incredible for my wife and I.  We not only got to experience an incredible break from the business of work, and three kids, but also had the chance to really stop and reflect about what we are valuing as a family.  We are just beginning to live into the plans that were laid out over the weekend, but we have already seen some incredible fruit in our family by honoring the sabbath in the last few weeks.”
Jeremy (December 2016)

“I just want to say “thank you”, the Sabbath retreat was a wonderful experience.  In my daily experience I have my “patterns” and times with God, but the retreat allowed for and showed me a deeper level, one that I will continue to come back to and as God continues to grow me, build upon.   Through the time at the retreat, God revealed the treasure/gift we have in the Sabbath, it reminds me of our Loving Father’s care for us, not just for life, but for abundant life!  I hold these truths close, and from our time, my first time to consciously spend in that way… He revealed to me that all good things in my life, are a gift from Him.  I can’t begin to thank Him enough… I am humbled by His Love and generosity.”
Tonya (December 2016)

“Keith and I are so grateful for the Sabbath Retreat and the shifts we’ve already experienced. We had our first family Sabbath on Sunday and it went better than I had hoped! Our family meal after church was filled with laughter and great connecting time as each of us shared what God was speaking to us or doing in our heart. I have personally been able to spend less time on my cell phone/Facebook and have been successful in not checking my phone first thing each morning. What a win! And we are putting together a calendar so that everyone is aware of the things we have going on so we can be intentional/mindful of our activities and plan accordingly. All this in a week? What else does the Lord have for us?!”
Lynne (December 2016)

Thank you Blessed Earth for the opportunity to attend a Sabbath retreat, where I was able to not only better learn how to really embrace a 24/6 a lifestyle but I was able to really connect with God.  I have allowed the busyness of my personal life and professional life to consume me, placing quiet time with Jesus on the back burner.  I hadn’t realized how empty and disconnected I was until He met me there at the Gorge.
Lori (December 2016)