One-Day Sabbath Retreat Format

24/6 Sabbath Living Workshop

10:00-10:10                 Welcome (Host)

10:10-11:00                 Session 1: Our 24/7 World and Why We Need 24/6

(Play segments 1 and 2 back to back, followed by first set of discussion questions. If the group is small, you can discuss the questions all together. If you have ten or more people, break up into smaller groups of about five-eight for discussion times.)

11:00-11:10                 Coffee Break

11:10-noon                  Session 2: How We Do 24/6 and Your 24/6 Life

(Play segments 3 and 4 back to back, followed by second set of discussion questions)

Noon-12:45                 Lunch

12:45-1:15                   Session 3: Church Leaders and the Sabbath

(Play Eugene Peterson interview in bonus material, followed by third set of discussion questions)

1:15-1:45                     Session 4: Writing Your 24/6 Plan

(Have 1 copy of clergy plan for each attendee printed and ready to hand out; encourage people to pray for guidance, fill out in silence, and then when they are ready go through their plan with someone else in the group)

1:45-1:55                     Next Steps ( resources and how you might help                                           each other stay accountable)

1:55- 2:00                    Closing Benediction






By Bill Hughes

Bill is the Program Manager for the Sabbath Living Initiative.