Discussion Articles

Below are selected articles that discuss the many aspects of Sabbath-keeping. For each topic, you will find a link to the original post, followed by a link to a PDF file containing discussion questions for the article.

Holy Rest for Holy Work by Kirk Winslow
Sabbath and Work Life Balance

On the Seventh Day, We Unplug by Brett and Kate McKay
Sabbath and Technology

Why You Need a Sabbath by Adrienne Scrima
Sabbath and Stewardship

The Rest of the Story by R.C. Sproul, Jr.
Sabbath and Shabbat Shalom

Hushed by Kris Camealy
Sabbath and Sacred Listening

Entering Sabbath by Elizabeth Nordquist
Sabbath and Sabbatical

The Rest of Your Life by Ed Gungor
Sabbath and Rest Deprivation

Remembering the Sabbath by Mark D. Roberts
Sabbath and Remembering

All Who Labor by Lauren Winner
Sabbath and Privilege

Keeping Sabbath by Katie Kump
Sabbath and Perfectionism

Keeping Sabbath During the Week by Michael E. Cafferky
Sabbath as Sustainable Practice

How I Thought Being a Mom Disqualified Me From the Sabbath by Becky Keife
Sabbath and Parenting

All I Ever Really Needed to Know About Sabbath Keeping I Learned in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood by J.D. Walt
Sabbath and Mr Rogers

Dignity, Freedom, and Rest by Kirk Winslow
Sabbath and Modern Day Slavery

Marriage Therapy 101 by Linda Hoff-Hagensick
Sabbath and Marriage

Reclaiming Sabbath Keeping: Shedding the Guilt by Shelly Miller
Sabbath and Legalism

Reclaiming Sabbath Keeping: Sabbath Celebration by Kimberlee Conway Ireton
Sabbath and Joy

The Sabbath, Jesus, and Christians by J. D. Greear
Sabbath and Jesus

The Disruption That is the Sabbath by Glynn Young
Sabbath and Holy Disruption

Sabbath Rest by Sinclair Ferguson
Sabbath and Heaven

The Delicious Invitation to Rest by Jen Pollock Michel
Sabbath and Guiltless Naps

The Sabbath Effect by Rebekah Simon-Peter
Sabbath and creation care

The No-Laundry-on-Sunday Sabbath by Patricia Hunter
Sabbath and Caring for Elderly Parents

Unplugged Tourism: A Growing Trend by Camilla Buvarp Tiller and Ewelina Walorczyk
Unplugging from Technology and Healthy Living