24/6 Two Day Retreat

24/6 2-Day Retreat Schedule

What you need: 24/6 DVD; AV equipment for showing DVD; round tables for small group discussions; Sabbath Plan worksheets (found on www.sabbathliving.org)

1:00-1:05           Welcome from leader or host

1:05-1:15           Leader or host shares intentions and purpose of retreat

*Share your best Sabbath memories, invite others to share their best Sabbath memories, and emphasize the biblical importance of Sabbath with scripture

1:15-1:30           Centering on Sabbath: Opening worship or devotional

 1:30-2:45           Session 1: Our 24/7 World and Why We Need 24/6

*Play segments 1 and 2 of DVD and use a few questions from DVD discussion guide.

*We have found these questions help spark conversation:

  1. How can keeping a weekly Stop Day help heal you? Heal families? Heal marriages? Heal congregations? 2. If the definition of rest is figuring out what work means for you—and not doing it—what activities would you like to include on your Sabbath? What activities would you like to eliminate on your Sabbath?

2:45-3:00           Coffee Break

3:00-4:15           Session 2: How We Do 24/6 and Your 24/6 Life

*Play segments 3 and 4 of DVD and use a few questions from DVD discussion guide.

*We have found these questions help spark conversation:

  1. In our 24/7 culture, Sabbath-keeping has to be intentional. How can you be more intentional about Sabbath keeping?
  2. How can you encourage your friends and family to keep the Sabbath themselves? How can others support you in your Sabbath-keeping practices?

4:15 on             Free Time, dinner on your own

8:00                  Breakfast

 9:00                 Opening devotional and worship

9:20-10:00         Session 3: Writing Your 24/6 Plan

*Have 1 copy of 24/6 Worksheet (on www.sabbathliving.org) for each participant

10:00-10:30        Session 4: Sharing Your Sabbath Thoughts

  1. a) 1 table leader per a table shares with entire group ways their table participants plan on remembering the Sabbath and/or
  2. b) Q &A: participants share questions/concerns about Sabbath with entire group and group discusses their beliefs and solutions.

10:30-11:00        Communion/Closing Worship with charge and benediction

Note: Depending on your group, you may want to rearrange and/or change the times and sessions. Other session examples are:

  1. Extending the Sabbath Invitation: discussions about ways to invite your community into Sabbath keeping through sermons, small groups, Bible study, etc.
  2. Sabbath Articles: discussions around Sabbath focused articles.